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Are you bonded and insured?

What are your rates?
Fees are based on the square footage and condition of your home. Our pricing is completely customized to your needs and a quote will be given to you after our initial meeting. We base our pricing on many factors, including; children, pets, clutter and lifestyle.

How do I pay for your services?
Concept Cleaning Services accepts cash, cheque, or etransfers on the day of your scheduled clean.

How often will you clean?
The frequency of your cleaning schedule is relevant to your needs. Whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or seasonal depends on your preference. Please note that weekly/bi-weekly cleans are recommended to stay on top of the natural amount of dust and dirt build-up (especially with children and pets). Monthly cleans may require additional time, due to the additional dust, dirt, calcium build-up and everyday mess.

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies or equipment?
This will be agreed upon during our initial meeting. Most clients prefer to use their own cleaning supplies, as they are familiar with the products and smells. If you would rather we bring our cleaning supplies, as small charge will be added to your cleaning bill.

What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?
If your scheduled cleaning falls on a major holiday, we will contact you to reschedule your service at your convenience.

What if I have to cancel my cleaning?
If you would like to cancel a cleaning, please notify us 24 in advance.

If there is a problem, who do I call?
Please contact us with any problems, concerns or feedback with regards to our cleaning service. You can call, email or use the on-line feedback form. Our goal is to clean your home to your standards. We encourage feedback from you so that we can learn how you would like to see certain things cleaned to your liking.

I'm interested in working for you. How do I apply?
Concept Cleaning Services is always looking for reliable, positive attitude, has an eye for detail, a clean criminal record check, and wants to be treated with fairness and respect. We would appreciate your resumes being emailed to us with a subject line called "RESUME FOR CONCEPT CLEANING SERVICES". We keep our resumes on file and we will contact you when a position becomes available.

Brandi Joyce